Newsome Hockey

2020 Newsome Hockey Boosters Golf Tourney


Saturday - November 14th - River Hills Country Club

Please read ALL of these instructions by scrolling all the way through this page, and then hit the CONTINUE button at the bottom, once you finish reading...   there will be a quiz on content before you get your first bloody mary on tourney day...  our bloody's are awesome - so it's worth it.


The Newsome Ice Wolves greatly appreciate your consideration and support.  We have grown to include over 50 student athletes in our program this year - manifesting three teams, all Newsome students, in the Lightning High School Hockey League.  With your continued support, we get closer to realizing the goal of having Ice Hockey a fully recognized and sanctioned sport in the State's school athletic system. 


Thanks again for your help !!


For more information about our tournament, please find our tournament brochure on our website at the Golf Tourney Tab !!

Don't be confused by the first registration window !!

The first registration window checks to see if you are registering from a known "sportsengine registered account" - it asks "who are you registering" ?   This question is identifying the profile from your SportsEngine account which could be used in completing this registration. 


If you are indeed going to register yourself as a single player, or as the captain of a foursome, you should select your profile at this screen, and it will auto-populate info into the rest of the registration for you, making it easy.


If you are NOT the "captain of the foursome", or the single golfer you intend to register - you should select the "other" button at the first screen, so your profile info (if you have one) will NOT auto populate.


Once you continue to the golfer/team registration window, you can complete (or correct) the information for yourself and/or someone else and/or the rest of the team you are registering.


The first question asked is which player you are supporting.  Please enter the name of the player that you know "recruited" you to participate.  If you weren't specifically asked by a player, and are simply supporting the team - feel free to simply enter "Team" or "All the Wolves !" in this window.  Thanks again...


If you are entering a foursome - but don't yet have all four names, you can enter "TBD" for unknown names, and enter "123-456-7890" and "" for unknown phone numbers and email addresses (the application requires something in the right format).

You can also elect to make an additional donation - and at various levels you get extra benefits for doing so.  Please check our brochure for details, if you are interested !!

Then you can move forward to the "shopping cart", where payment info is recorded.


Holler if you have questions -- POCs are ID'd below.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Jason Francis

Tourney Director - NIWBA Board

Phone: (813) 394-0916

Tammi Howard

Chairperson - NIWBA Board

Phone: (815) 671-7881

Mark Rosengard

Coach / Manager - Webmaster

Phone: 8137773519