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2019-2020 Player-Family Club Registration


You are registering with the Newsome Ice Wolves Club and Website

Thanks, and Welcome...

Ideally, you are already logged in to your "sportsengine" account that you use to get schedules and other info pertinent to our team, and submit your "RSVPs" so we know your availability for games, practices, etc...  It is even BETTER if this login is the PLAYER's account, or is an account the player has access to - so the player can be accountable to his coaches and teammates...  though we understand that in some instances there is necessarily a separation between login accounts within a family.   Regardless, PLEASE make sure you are logged in BEFORE you continue.    If you've done that, this registration will take you only a couple of minutes.


No matter who's account is being used, please note that we are specifically asking for PLAYER CONTACT INFO first.  That means PLAYER'S EMAIL and PLAYER'S CELL NUMBER - not yours, (Mom/Dad) !!  Please DO NOT put (or leave as the auto-populated default) the parent's info in the first part of this registration.  There is a reason:  we are coaching/managing THE PLAYERS, not the parents - and want to communicate with players directly, when needed.  Therefore, in the first section of the registration - please make sure that you've given us PLAYER CONTACT INFO !!  Sportsengine will auto-populate some fields, based on how you set up the overarching Sportsengine account you are using now - which was often done by Mom or Dad, with their email address as the registering/primary email address.  YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THAT FOR US, in the first section here, if the parent contact info auto-populates.


Of course, we are also asking for parent info - as well as additional family/support folks' contact info, if a grandparent or sibling is an important enabler to a player's participation.   That happens in part two of our registration process, so you will have the opportunity to provide us that contact info -- we do want to communicate with all folks involved, and will do the best we can to include parents, etc. on all team distribution lists and communications.  Thanks in advance for understanding this.


To continue, you will need your USA Hockey Registration Number for 2019-2020, phone and email info for all who want to be informed by Team/Club management (especially the PLAYER), and credit card info to make the registration payment. 

Thanks !


Oh, and by the way - did I say that we wanted EVERYONE to put PLAYER CONTACT INFO in the part that is labelled PLAYER INFO ?


Please direct questions to:

Mark Rosengard

Coach / Manager

Phone: (813) 777-3519